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HJK closely follows the company's quality management system ISO9001-2000 requirements, focusing on the following principles:

01. Establish an immediate moratorium before issue being resolved, paying attention to the quality control culture from the very beginning.
02. Use of reliable, proven technology in order to fully assist the staff and production processes.
03. To focus on the interests of customers, full participation, attention to quality inspection of each process, the entire production process is in effective real-time monitoring.
04. Regularly reinforce learning skills training and quality of staff awareness training, the establishment of a learning organization.
05. Emphasis on the role of site and test the statistical analysis, and constantly improve the various factors that affect quality.
06. Establish a rapid and effective mechanism for handling incidents, make relevant quality records in detail, enhanced retrospective, the pursuit of quality objectives "0" failures.
07. Implement quality veto system and the quality of accountability, must give way to any quality problems.
08 Managing direct responsibility.

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