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     7 Layers Co-extrusion She...      PP (CT Compound), PS, ABS...      Low-Foaming PP Sheet (For...      PP PS ABS Multi-Layer Co-...      High Production Output PP...      PS Sheet(For Anti-Static ...      PET PLA PC Single-Screw C...      PET Twin-Screw Co-Extrudi...      EVA Solar-PV Encapsulatio...      Eco-friendly EVA TPU And ...
7 Layers Co-extrusion Sheet Machine
EVOH for its excellent gas barrier properties, can effectively block oxygen, carbon dioxide and othe...
PP (CT Compound), PS, ABS vented five co-extruded sheet unit
People in the constant pursuit of a healthy quality of life of the premise, increasing environmental...
Low-Foaming PP Sheet (For Folder) 3 Layers Co-Extrusion Line
Computer-controlled sheet cutting machine by fixed length The machine cuts the plastic sheet by fi...
PP PS ABS Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Plastic Sheet Line
Multi-layer Co-Extrusion Plastic Sheet is the user's optimal selection due to its unique property....
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